Sunday School / Crèche

Our 10am morning service is the easiest to come to as a family with children. This service begins with worship together as a church family of all ages.

Our primary school aged children leave shortly afterwards to take part in their own programme. We pray together in fun ways, read the bible together, have a short talk about our theme for the morning and make something creative during our craft time. We have a lot of fun together and we are always very excited to welcome new people into the group!

During the talk, a crèche is available for pre–primary school aged children in the adjacent hall. Babies and toddlers are invited to come and play – we have a wide range of toys, books, colouring–in pages, a slide to play on (!) and appropriate craft–based activities. Parents are welcome to drop their tots off at crèche with our energetic volunteers and then return to sit in on the rest of the service.

At our 11.30 service there is a space at the back where children can engage with God through work–books, colouring in and reading.

All our children’s work is run by a committed team of volunteers, who have been Access NI–checked.