We hold two morning services of quite different styles in our main church building.

Our second morning service at 11.30 am on Sundays uses the liturgy (given patterns, forms and words for worship) from the Book of Common Prayer. We also use the Church Hymnal during this service. Our worship is accompanied by traditional organ music and sometimes a small choir; and Canticles & Psalms are sung. This service encourages us to meet God through the rhythm and beauty of language and music, giving space for quiet reflection and prayer.

People of every age and background are welcomed and involved, though separate children’s activities are not provided at this service. Some toys and colouring or other interactive sheets are provided.

Holy Communion is given at this service on the first Sunday of every month.

Though we welcome anyone to all our services here at St. Johns, we regularly hold ‘invitational’ services at this 11.30 service at key times during the church calendar – Easter, Christmas, Harvest, Remembrance Sunday and so on. On these ‘invitational’ Sundays, church is normally open for tea/coffee/juice and snacks from 11.10 a.m. This gives us a chance to get to know each other better and also to welcome our neighbours and visitors. Our children, who are involved in youth organizations through the week, participate in these services through bible–reading, prayers or other items they have prepared. If you want to find out more about the next invitational Sunday, please contact us, or pick up an invitation card at the back of church.

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