Thank–you for considering giving to the work of our church. Here are some ways you can do so…

Standing Order

This enables you to budget effectively and not worry about finding money on the way out to church every Sunday. You can do this by contacting the church office for a ‘Giving’ form. Fill in your bank details and how much you wish to give each month; then return it to the church office and we can contact your bank on your behalf. Note: Please allow 14 days from date of commencing the Standing Order to allow for processing time. The Standing Order can be stopped at any time by simply notifying your bank.

Weekly Giving Envelopes

You can also give to the church by using weekly envelopes which you can put on the offering plate. Contact the church office for a ‘Giving’ form, fill in the relevant details, ticking the box which states: ‘Please issue me with a set of envelopes’ and return it to us so that we can get you envelopes ASAP.


If you would like to give a special donation you can give by cheque in the post. Please make it payable to St John’s Parish Church Orangefield Revenue Account.

Gift Aid Declaration

No matter which way you choose to give to St John’s – if you are a taxpayer, please make sure you complete the Gift Aid Declaration on the ‘Giving’ form.. This allows us to claim an additional 25% on what you give if you are a UK taxpayer. We appreciate your time in completing a Gift Aid declaration. When completed, please return it to the church office. If you have any queries about giving to St John’s, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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