Have you ever wanted to explore the meaning of life or ask challenging questions about the Christian faith?

Maybe you’re just curious about church stuff and want to have a nosy?

Alpha is a fun, relaxed way to find out more about the Christian faith in a no pressure environment.

Who’s it for?

Alpha is an opportunity for anyone and everyone, whether you are new to church, exploring faith, or a Christian who has family and friends curious about what YOU believe. Alpha runs in churches, bars, coffee shops and homes all around the globe, and now online too. Alpha really is for anyone who’s curious.

What exactly goes on at it?

The subjects covered include:

– Who is Jesus?

– Why did he die?

– How do I read the Bible or pray?

– Who is the Holy Spirit?

– Does God heal today?

– What about the church?


Alpha always starts with a taster evening so you can come along and try it out – this is an introduction, so you can find out what you think of the set up first. But even after this, you do not need to commit to attend every session, and if at any stage someone doesn’t want to attend any further, their decision is respected and they won’t be hounded or added to any mailing list etc!

For more about Alpha, check out the Alpha website, or get in touch to find out when our next course will be running…